Why service your car regularly ?

The importance of regular servicing cannot be over emphasized! To keep your vehicle running SAFELY and efficiently and to prolong its trouble free life, one needs to carry out all the services stipulated by the manufacturer. Resale value is also increased by providing a prospective buyer with comfort and confidence in the vehicle.

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure" and this is particularly applicable to a motor vehicle. Skimping on servicing can lead to serious injury and/or thousands of Rands in repair bills.

Oil & Oil filter

Oil provides the lubrication for all of the engine's internal moving parts. Without oil an engine will destroy itself in a very short space of time. Dirty oil contains minute metal filings from wear in the engine and over time it becomes contaminated by acids generated by the combustion process. If left unchanged the contaminated oil loses its ability to provide efficient lubrication, the filings become abrasive and engine wear is greatly accelerated. 

The oil filter helps remove metal filings from the oil but cannot trap all particles. It will eventually become clogged or blocked leading to restricted oil flow and once again engine wear will be greatly accelerated.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the oil and filter are changed regularly. It is equally important to use a good quality oil rated according to the vehicle manufacturers' specifications. It is of course advisable to install a good quality oil filter as well.

Air Filter

The air filter removes dirt and dust from the air that is sucked in by the engine. Without it the dirt and dust would cause rapid wear (think sandpaper) and eventually severe damage. As the air filter does it's job cleaning the incoming air, it too gradually becomes clogged by the dirt and begins to restrict the air flow. This reduces the engine's efficiency causing poor performance and increased fuel consumption. Regular replacement is essential.


Most modern engines use a cambelt which, in simple terms, rotates the camshafts, which open and close the valves, perfectly in sync with the engine's rotation. Manufacturers specify replacement at regular intervals and this should be adhered to because a broken belt can, and usually does, cause major engine damage requiring very expensive repairs.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs provide the spark to ignite the petrol/air mixture that makes petrol engines work. They work in a very harsh environment and although modern materials and technologies have made major improvements, they still need regular checking and replacement. Poor plugs can cause hard starting, poor performance and/or poor fuel consumption.


Brakes can mean the difference between life and death, so it should go without saying that these always need to be maintained in tip top condition. Brake pads, disks and linings all wear out and brake fluid becomes contaminated with time. Regular inspection and replacement is essential to ensure your, and your family's, safety.


Tyres provide the only connection between your car and the road. Along with brakes this makes them absolutely safety critical components. It is very important to ensure they are correctly inflated and within wear limits at all times. They need to be regularly checked for uneven wear and road damage. Worn tyres cannot disperse water effectively and can cause a vehicle to lose control in the wet. If you are unsure please visit a reputable good tyre fitment centre advice.

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers help to keep your vehicle stable on the road and eliminate excessive bouncing by the wheels. This ensures maximum contact between tyres and the road thus adding shocks to the list of safety critical components. Worn shocks are quite simply dangerous.

Wiper Blades

Another safety item!  In rainy conditions visibility is obviously reduced, so to compound the problem with poor wipers is just looking for trouble. They are often neglected during the dry season and become perished and ineffective. They are relatively low cost items so do replace them regularly.


Yet another safety item for the list! Unless you are fortunate enough to have eyes like a cat, driving at night requires lights, good ones. You need to see and be seen and good lights are essential. A great many accidents take place as a result of bad lighting. It goes without saying that indicators and brake lights are just as important.

The staff at GRS wish you all many happy, SAFE and troublefree kilometres!
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The Importance of Regular Servicing

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